Married duo the Sawtelles are a balance of four elements, alternate-tuned guitar, various drum kit configurations, and two voices. Sparse but intricately arranged pop that is as lush as it is threadbare makes what is played as important as what isn’t. Their strict DIY philosophy aligns them more with the hand painted Sun Ra LP’s of 1950’s and 60’s than it does with those striving for mainstream commercial success.  For two plus decades the Sawtelles have brought their original music to art galleries, performance spaces, coffee houses , restaurants, farmers markets, record shops, designer boutiques, night clubs, taverns, museums, breweries, fairs, festivals, television and live radio broadcasts. They have developed their craft with a multifaceted approach that is compatible with each venue they play. From the quietest acoustic sans electricity to the full speed ahead d.i.y. punk style show and all points in between. 



Interview by Brian Slattery, New Haven Idepenent

also broadcast on his  WNHH Community Radio   show

Northern Remedy



Need photographs, press, lyric, or additional audio files etc.?   Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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